Welcome To The Danger Blog

Welcome to thedangerblog.com!

I’ve decided to launch a blog dedicated to those who want to live an adventurous life. A more…”dangerous” life, if you will.

My intent for this blog is to provide you with a ton of free information that spans a wide range of topics. Some of those topics include but not limited to: entrepreneurship, style, reviews (mostly on books that changed my life), etc.

As the blog will progress, changes to the approach will likely be made. A good amount of them will likely be up to you…the reader.

Many of us were born to live the average lifestyle. But what if I told you that you didn’t have to go down that road?

What if the “normal life” for you is something that sucks your soul? What if you want to change YOUR LIFE for the better?

If this is you, this blog is your one stop shop for just that. My goal is to help you be your better self.

Since this is only the first post, I ask you to be patient. But I promise you, there’s a lot coming down the pipeline.

As for posting, I plan on posting once a week…perhaps twice. At some point, I’ll likely post five times a week.

While I don’t intend on turning this blog into some personal diary, I will be documenting some of my experiences that I am certain will help you as well. Join me and let’s make the journey towards a more “dangerous” you happen.

Let’s do it!